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Quality for a lifetime of gardening success


REGENT 6 WIDE                                Ideal fore the smaller garden, where space is at a premium.

6'5" (1976mm) wide



ROYALE 8 WIDE                                The most popular in our range.

8'6" (2596mm) wide



ROSETTE 10 WIDE                             Designed for everyone from the enthusiastic 

10'6" (3220mm) wide                                       amateur to the professional nurseryman.



REGAL 12 WIDE                                The widest model in our extensive range.

12'6" (3836mm) wide



RIVIERA 8 WIDE                                Built to resist the toughest of weather conditions.

8' x 10' & 8' x 12'



DWARF WALL                                   Designed to fit on a single skin dwarf wall,

                                                        1'115/8" (600mm) high.



LEAN-TO 5 WIDE                              Spacious lean-to that can be fixed to most walls, although a

5'4" (1625mm) wide                           southerly aspect if preferable.