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A comprehensive range of high quality aluminium greenhouses and lean-to structures to compliment any garden



ELITE COMPACT                                The ultimate space saver greenhouse in which growing

4'3" (1315mm) wide                            area and user height are uncompromised.



ELITE STREAMLINE                            Slightly larger than the Compact, the Steamline provides

5'3" (1610mm) wide                            additional staging/benching area whilst remaining ideal for smaller



ELITE CRAFTSMAN                            The highly popular Craftsman range provides the beginner and

6'3" (1920mm) wide                            enthusiast with substantial working/growing area and storage



ELITE HIGH EAVE                               Standing 12" (305mm) taller than the conventional Craftsman, the

6'3" (1920mm) wide                                               High Eave offers the gardener extra growing and working height.



ELITE BELMONT                                 A must for the gardener who appreciates the  

8'5" (2570mm) wide                                             extra capacity which the Belmont provides.



ELITE SUPREME                                  A truly professional greenhouse for the enthusiastic gardener.

10'6" (3195mm) wide



ELITE CLASSIQUE                               The ultimate greenhouse ideally suited to

12'6" (3810mm) wide                           larger gardens.






ELITE KENSINGTON 4, 6 & 8               The Kensington range allows you to bring the 

4'4" wide   6'4" wide   8'4" wide           garden to the house while not compromising

(1340mm)  (1940mm)  (2535mm)          the benefits of a greenhouse.



ELITE WINDSOR 4                               A lower height lean-to structure ideal for garage/shed walls.

4'4" (1300mm) wide



ELITE EASIGROW                                A mini lean-to, built to accommodate reduced space 

2'3" (700mm) wide                                                  requirements without compromising quality or purpose.



ELITE WINDOW GARDEN                     Ideal for houses with little or no garden.

1'5" (440mm) wide                              Attached to small walls/sheds, etc.






ELITE DWARF WALL                           Allows the user to specify a desired height for the greenhouse.

                                                                                              Can be modified to accommodate wheelchairs and

&                                                      wheelbarrows.


ELITE DROP DOOR                                     Can be applied to any Elite building (except Cold Frame /

                                                                                              Roundhouse / Window Garden).





ELITE COLD FRAME                            A must to 'bring on' small plants, garden not required.

4'4" (1340mm) &                                                        Minigrow structure.

6'7" (2000mm) wide



ELITE ROUNDHOUSE                          Break from the norm - the Roundhouse will provide an exciting

6'8" (2030mm) &                                 feature for most gardens.

8'4" (2545mm) wide

roundhouse free-standing structure